Friday, April 24, 2009


This has been a post I've been trying to write for a while, but just haven't found the right words for it, hell I might fail this time, but at the very least I'm going to publish it. To be honest I just started writing this and am re-working it even now

I think wrestlers and the interactions they have are impacted greatly by the credibility of each wrestler. This is both true in real wrestling and in E-Fedding. At Wrestlemania nobody expected Randy Orton to beat Triple H without cheating, as he had not been shown to be capable of such a feat. The same could be said of Edge Vs Big Show Vs John Cena...As John Cena is made of pure Credibilium and couldn't be defeated fairly even if he fought some mutant made out of Austin/Rock/Hogan at their respective primes.

Now there are also matches that establish credibility...Such as HHH/Cena from Mania a couple years ago where going into the fight HHH acted as if he'd just crush Cena like a bug and take his title, and he ended up getting tapped out clean...This truly gave Cena huge credibility since he took out the posterboy of the league.

In E-Fedding, I feel like credibility should effect how a match is written and how it's Rp'ed for. The Rp change mostly effects faces, because heels are full of shit assholes, I am after all the guy who ran Doc Silver who was completely and totally devoid of any credibility.

So let's look at the next EPW card and try to run it through the Credometer and see what we get


Both guys won their last matches and thusly come into this match with reasonable credibility. I think both guys could win clean, with Hart being more comic/unserious I'd think he'd be the one to go with more high level cheating if it came to it. Winters might grab the tights but I wouldn't think he'd do more then that.

Defining cheating Vs bad cheating is cheating is basically anything that if the ref saw it, he'd say 'knock that off' or wave off the fall, bad cheating is something the ref would call for a DQ if he saw it happening.




The Tag Scramble has a bunch of new teams and I have no idea what to say for credibility.


Now is a stip match, with "Barb" being put on a pole and thusly will be used. So I have no real way to measure credibility. Both men are also coming off losses so this match will give the winner (Double so if they win in impressive fashion) some credibility.


And I take a called 3rd strike and sit down as I can't review this match either...But I will guess that whoever wins this will win clean to estabish credibility.


Now this is a match with two guys who've got a bunch of credibility. First having come off his performance over Stevens where he had the World Champ beat, and Cruise with his clean win over Douglas that chased him from EPW. Either guy getting a clean win here could establish them as one of the most credible wrestlers in EPW. Of course First is amoral and Cruise is a heel with Anthology being around to back his play. But I'd still expect both to be likely to go for a clean finish



Another Stip match, and a match that'll most likely end with Craig Miles doing something to effect the outcome. The Credmeter is hurting


This is a clear credibility mismatch as Gotho has less then 0 cred, and Barry's Rp's reflect this. Gotho knows he's gonna get maimed here, he's the weak link. Wells and Tact don't need to cheat to win here. Barring a Felix superman session, he and Gotho will.



JA was coming off a string of losses but got a bunch of credibility back by beating Stevens into running from him on the last show. Rocko returns as a sort of ultra face who having been the champ that never lost the title has a bunch of credibility. Stevens is hurting, having his last two matches including spots where his opponent had him pinned with the ref down. I do enjoy Stevens Rp's as he cherry picks the results he needs to continue to act like he has credibility as any heel should, but unless this is the match where he suddenly gets a boost on the Credometer I'd expect him to cheat his way to retaining the big belt. I can see Rocko going overboard more then JA to get the final title winning fall, because he's come back with a more violent persona that seems to have a 'take no prisoners' feel to it. I can also see such a spot being a defining moment for him, when Rocko 'crosses the line' as it were.


This concludes what has been a horrible first run for the credometer. Once LVW gets a few more matches under it's belt (And people start Rp'ing!!!) I'll wave the credometer and those shows.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Doc Shoot Part 3

Q: So what was the idea for the jWo?

DOC: Well it was a league, I think FWC...Not the one I got screwed out of the title in, but a new one and they had this guy Beckowski running the place...And they shot an angle where this rival promoter Brian Jenkins came in and hijacked the company and put the belt on his favored wrestler, Lex Taylor. Now we were supposed to rally against Jenkins and his evil take over of the company...But GUNS and I were like 'why do that, the take over angle is over big in wrestling' so we decided we were going to side *with* Jenkins, and that only the minor detail that Jenkins was going to have to do what was best for business and have GUNS go over Talyor for the title.

It was a one shot angle for that show just to get the belt to GUNS, but then the bookers screwed with the match and made it a no-contest and then we kept it going, started doing the fake shows, people wanted to join...We ended up killing 2 or 3 leagues with the jWo because in the end the jWo faction in the league would be bigger then those still loyal to the league itself...It was crazy...I can't even remember all the people we had...

Q: Do you regret having those leagues get shut down by the jWo?

DOC: Yeah it's never good to run people out of business, but at the same time if they were on solid ground the jWo wouldn't have killed them...It sucks that it happened, but I don't know what really could be done about it, cause we were just so over, there needed to be an opponent that could step up to the jWo and I guess there wasn't.

Q: During the jWo you had the woman beater gimmick, what was that all about?

DOC: Well I guess I misread where wrestling was going, cause something happened and I had a female manager at the time and I either let her eat a chair shot or I was told to give her one, I don't know exactly what the deal was, but I thought hitting women was lame, so as a kind of 'fuck you' to management I did the gimmick were I was just beating up women for no good reason, of course, right around that time women started getting beaten up all over the place in wrestling, became the new hip thing to do.

Q: So after that you and Javid Dones got into running IWC, how that all go down?

DOC: Well we couldn't keep the World Title on anyone, we strapped Wildstar and then he quit...We moved the belt to Zane then he quit...Then finally we got it on Edmunds and he did the job for Southern that we wanted, cause Shane was the man, he needed to get put over by someone, so I'm pretty glad we got him the big belt.

Then Javid got a bit to into the nose candy which is something he's still fighting. Now around this time is when I dried out and got of the pain killers...So it was kinda shitty to see him go down that path, it also sucked cause I was gonna get a run with the strap and now I couldn't cause I wsa holding the bag on the company. I mean I could have given myself the belt, but I think you have to be a real dick to run a company and then put yourself over everyone, who wants to see you turn a company into a giant ego-dildo? I mean the shit I did to get over on Southern was bad enough...

So I did the 'heel owner' gimmick for a while, which was building heat between Shane Southern and JT Tyler...JT was good and I wanted to give him a main event push, but I don't know exactly what he was thinking, cause we get to the PPV and the big payoff and he's telling me "Doc I don't want to use the choke sleeper" in the match...And it's just crazy, cause the whole match is built on his 'illegal' hold he's been putting people down with left and right..And now he doesn't want to use it...Ugh...

So Shane goes over, and then the truth hits, that Dones had been cooking the books for ages and the company's shot...We drifted around, I think Anarky got the belt off Shane and then either Manson was gonna get it off him and did or it didn't get taped, I don't know...But it sucked, that was a good league, good talent, liked those guys.

Q: How was Shane Southern?

DOC: Dream to work with, do whatever you wanted, great guy, model employee...He'd lose every night for a year if you asked it of him, of course you would be a moron, but still, he was really cool.

Q: You said you got off the drugs and booze then, how has that all been since IWC?

DOC: I've been clean...It sucks man...In this business, people got pain pills, people are always getting drunk, and you're the odd man out, you're the fat kid picked last...It sucks, and I'm older then a lot of the locker room...I mostly hang out with Greenie or Ryoko and do my best to keep my will power up.

Q: What about your time in A1E?

DOC: Oh it was horrible...I hated how they ran the place, hated everything about it.

Q: What about your vote rigging?

DOC: Fuck 'em...Honestly, I wasn't gonna wait my turn in line, so yeah I got a bunch of mid-carders to come in and stack the vote for me...I'd do it again if I went back...I think it's a goofy system, how am I as a heel gonna get over unless I'm shitting on everyone, and I can't be pals with people, I come in, I shoot my mouth, I'm a dick...It would have taken me forever to get people to respect me in A1E and I don't have time for that shit, I'm not spending 2-3 years mid-carding, waiting for some curtain jerker to finally 'get' my gimmick...Fuck that...

Q: Well that's all for now, next time we'll get into your NFW run and your return in EPW to wrap stuff up.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fixing TEAM

With all the no shows plaguing TEAM there seems to be a desire to fix the system or do something about it. Fact is now-a-days most of us are very busy, and do our best to get 1-2 promos up per cycle. Unless you're a nut like me or those two maniacs in the Winters/Hart thread in EPW's PPV that's all that's expected of you. Yet for some reason people love the idea of signing up for big tournaments, but Rp'ing for them...That's a bit of work.

So my big answer for TEAM is simple. Make it like a Magic: The Gathering tournament.

MTG tournaments were played at the start in the Swiss Format, with however many rounds needed (You need 5 for 32 people, 6 for 64, 7 for 128 etc.) and then a top 8. Two losses in the swiss effectively shuts you out from top 8.

Swiss format is simple, you play people with the same record as you. You win round 1, you play a winner in round 2, win again, you play somebody else who's 2-0. By the same token, you lose round 1, you're playing an opponent with a loss in round 2...

With this set up you could rig the pairings to give a tough break loss in round 1 to a no Rp'er in round 2 and just declare the match a forfeit...Make it clear that a no show in any round without a *big time* acceptable reason is grounds for your character to lose the next round of the tournament and then be dropped out. "0-2 drop" was a common expression in magic tournaments and a sign your day went really crummy.

The drawback to this is that the tournament goes on a bit longer, cause to win it you could have to Rp for 8 matches instead of 5 in a traditional 32 man knockout tournament, you could make it 5 rounds of swiss and then a top 4 and save a match that way.

I think that having a format like this would create a strong finals, since the people that made the top 8 would clearly deserve it, and the other fun thing it would do is allow for crazy drama.

In the MTG tournaments if you were 3-1 after 4 rounds and had good tiebreakers, you would draw somebody else who was 3-1 with good tiebreakers, the two of you could intentally draw and make top 8...In TEAM that would be an option also, but what if one character just refused to do it, felt it was dishonorable, the drama of risking a sure spot in the top 8 just to be true to himself, his opponent can write outraged promos about what an idiot he's fighting, and how it sucks that of all the people he had to get in the last round, his was the one idiot that wouldn't take a deal.

Just food for thought.

Monday, April 20, 2009

judging Rp's

First of all everything said here about deadlines is spot fucking on...

I wanted to talk about judging Rp's and how I feel about Rp's in general. Rp'ing each character is different, they all have a different backstory and point of view.

So let's say we have a guy who's Rp's make me laugh while I'm reading them and are really witty and funny, and then I read the other guy's promo and it's just a solid read...I give it to the first guy right?

Well not so fast, because the first guy may be playing a sarcastic smart ass heel type, and the other guy might be playing an all-business kind of face...How can I be fair to the face when his character can't do what the heel does...He's not supposed to engage me and make me laugh, he's supposed to sell me on the fact that he's a legit wrestling talent and that once all this wise cracking and tomfoolery of promos is done, he's going to get to the business of working this punk ass bitch in the ring and giving him a lesson he won't forget.

I kind of view it as a dog show, a pug and a golden retriever are not compared to each other, they are compared to what the judge sees as being as the 'ideal' of that breed's standard. Think of all the 'breeds' we have in wrestling. All the different kinds of faces (Anti-Heros, White Knights, comic faces, bad ass 'cool' faces. etc) and heels (Monster heels, pyscho heels, chicken shit Doc-ian heels, ego heels, rich guy heels etc) It's really hard to compare one to another, but it's more of a question of 'how is this guy playing his role in this match'

Like Born Again is a chicken shit heel, 7-10 is a pyscho heel. Jimmy Donovan is a White Knight, J1D is a Cool Face...They have a 4 way match, how do I pick a winner? I can't just take J1D's wacky antics and give him the win cause he's entertaining. If Donovan's promo is really good at getting over his character and his motivations, it has to be taken from that frame of reference, I mean unless he's getting on a rant about banging hookers or something, I shouldn't expect anything more then a glib one-liner for Donovan, the meat of his message is that he's a double tough son of a bitch from Oklahoma who's gonna kick your ass.

And by the same token 7-10's promo should be about how he's fucking nuts...And still wants revenge on Walter Ray...Born again should be railing against vices and peddling his snake oil...The promo should just be a way of telling the story of your character, and how he sees things in this match.

Barring all this just write a dream sequence and throw shit at the wall...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Doc Shoot Part 2

Q: So you come back as Steel Viper's manager, what was the plan there?

DOC: I really didn't have a plan...AAWC came back they offered me money and a chance to hang out with Viper, that was cool, so I went for it...

Q: So the whole angle to steal the title off him wasn't planned then?

DOC: No, not at all, it's funny cause GUNS had made a comment about me being a snake in the grass, but I was just hanging out being a manager, I wasn't even talking during this time, I was mostly just trying to stay sober.

Q: So what happened to lead to the title switch and the birth of Garbage Doc?

DOC: Schmid pitched the title change to me, and I explained to him that at this point, I'd lost my mind and was going to re-work my whole gimmick, ret-con my backstory, and just become the character I became...I wanted to be just this totally loathsome human being, no redeeming qualities nothing good about me at all, and further more I couldn't back up any of the shit I talked, I wanted to be just this complete bastard. And to top it off I'm now this giant mark for a band named of all things 'Garbage' which was what I was trying to be, just a piece of Garbage.

Q: And this led to your two monster runs with the AAWC Title.

DOC: Yeah, thing was, Schmid just loved everything I was doing, and I was just going over people and crushing and it was corrupt and bad for the business, I really should have jobbed at some point, but at that point in my career I was a dick, a total locker room cancer, just an asshole, so fuck 'em, I'll beat Mike Randalls, I'll ruin Xavire Virile's career, I'm just this bastard who's got the booker wrapped around his finger, I do regret some of the shit I pulled, but honestly...There was no way I wasn't going to do this stuff.

Q: What about the riot with Tom Adler?

DOC: At three rivers...Oh lord, thought I'd be killed, the ring just started filling with people, security lost control of the place...The only thing that saved me was that the crush of fans was so great that nobody really had any space to swing or to load up for a kick...I got hit with a few bottles but nothing major...But yeah, I thought I was going to die.

Q: The match with Steve Masters?

DOC: Steve Masters...Bah he was a joke...See Adler and Masters were tight and Adler knew he couldn't talk Schmid into putting himself and his boy Masters over, so he makes up this idea that Adler/Randalls I Quit will go off as the main event...That's fine with me...And Masters and I are going to go off 2nd to last and be non-title...What kind of shit is that? It's a PPV, and we're going to screw people out of a title defense? So I took a dive in the non-title match and had it turn into a title shot, and then went over Masters when he got shot with a blow dart...

Q: What happened around this time with the CSWA?

DOC: They fucked me, that's about it really, they might say otherwise but that was about it.

Q: What's the biggest mistake you made during your run?

DOC: The fact that I wouldn't show my ass in promos and stuff, the fact that I had that little sliver of a need to not be phased by anything my opponent did...I mean I'd bump and sell for anyone for 20 minutes, my job was to make you look like a monster in the ring, but in the promo battles and stuff like that...I don't feel I gave enough back...Or that I gave people a way to attack me that would hurt me...I went out of my way to be invulerable to insult, and that's not good for a heel...Schmid blows all this money to fly Shirley out to some card just so she can insult me and my goon squad can kick her ass just so I can all "You can't even make fun of Garbage and have me sell it"...God what a fucking moron I was...Now I'm fucking writing my opponent's promos for them...I want to sell...

Q: Then the King Nothing phase came after you jobbed the title and the fake face turn...What was the deal there?

DOC: The deal was to fucking get Adler into an I quit match and then brutally heel turn on him and screw him...But AAWC went under before that could happen...I forget what company it was in but I went back to Garbage Doc and that night I got a message on my answering machine from Anarky who said "Fucking about time you prick." (Laughs) kind of warmed my heart that he of all people would want Garbage Doc back.

Q: What are your feelings on Anarky?

DOC: Oh back when he first came up and I buried him he was green, but he knows his shit now...He can work...I dunno if I'm gonna give him a job back...But we got a year, we'll see...

Q: We'll take a break here, when we come back we'll get into the madness that was the jWo...

DOC: Oh and it was madness.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Booking for High Stakes

When I worked out the booking for the High Stakes Battle Royal I pretty much had it down to J1D, Born Again, and Olvir. Holzerman hit a wall with Donovan and that was unfortunate since I'm a big fan of his character and would have loved to have had the problem of thinking about putting the belt on him.

In the end I was down to Born Again and J1D, and it came down to the fact that J1D had been in the league already and had gotten his character more established, and I wanted to be able to do some stuff with Born Again not having the title.

If anyone ever has any questions about my booking for LVW, my door is always open and I'm more then happy to talk shop about the league and whatever ideas you have for your character or the overall league or whatever.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Agg 43 mini recap

Show opens up with the Rocko-Sign and then the First/Cruise face off and beatdown of First. I wrote this, because I apparently can't get enough of beating up my own guys.

Layne Winters get a win in a well written match, Olvir's the kind of gimmick that could job 700 times and not hurt his heat at all. Not saying he *should* but he could. I dunno if Layne and First have any forthcoming meetings, but I do promise that if they do meet, the mist shall be green.

Shawn Hart then beats Frankie Scott and cuts an insane promo. The color team here really sold Anthology hard.

The Westscott/Nark Vs Stalker/Fuse match was hard hitting with the anger between Anarky and Westscott ending up being the finish. That should be a good match at the PPV.

I wrote the tag title match, so I knew what was happening there. Just trying to build up for Cruise/First for the PPV and move the tag belts.

Troy then cleans up the Forsaken's PPV matches with a segment, yay segment!

I wrote the Stevens/JA match, but didn't know about the Rocko return. I'm not a big fan of the champ running off during a non-title match. I think the heel champ pulls that spot to save the title...I'd have had Stevens get half way up the ramp went Rocko returns. Stevens runs back into the ring and eats a roll up...Or Rocko just charges him and the match gets thrown out. It's non-title and with a heel champ, that means it doesn't count.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Doc Silver Shoot Interview Part 1

(Note: anyone named in this interview is being named only because their character used the same name as they have.)

(FADEIN: Doc Silver sitting in front of a small "Shooters DVD" banner, only his upper body can be seen, he's wearing a black T-Shirt with 'Garbage' in red letters across the chest. He's being asked questions by an off camera voice.)

Q: So how did you get started in the business?

DOC: Well I'm just a goof off...I mean my parents are loaded and I know this, and they spoil me rotten, so like I can do anything and it's fine, I'll never have to work a day in my life, but one day I got the bug to go into wrestling so they pay for this school in Florida, the Grappler's Clinic, and I get in there and I'm put through the paces.

Q: What was it that drew you to wrestling?

DOC: The idea of performing in front of big crowds, that lifestyle appealed to me, so I spent like 5 years working in indies in Florida, I didn't do the whole 'go around America' thing...Fuck that...I mean I wanted to hit it big, but I wasn't going to be sleeping in my car or wasting my parents money doing that of stuff, not getting disowned by them was job one.

Q: So when did you get your break?

DOC: PYBA called, and they liked my Florida stuff, that was my first in to the business, I come in and beat "Red Hot" Jeff Ruxus with a clothesline off the top in like 7 minutes, was a big deal to me.

Q: Who gave you the Doctor nickname?

DOC: I did, I really don't know why, I just figured heels are named Doctor, and I'm a heel, so let's just roll with it...

Q: Really didn't have that well a defined gimmick at the time.

DOC: Not at all, no clue what I was doing in the business.

Q: So what happened in PYBA?

DOC: Well I didn't know it at the time, but it was holding it's last ever card, and I was booked on it in a sort of 'get a bunch of mid-carders together and let 'em earn a payday' Wargames kind of match with me and three guys I can't remember and we're fighting Sunburn and 3 guys I can't remember...And it's just this non-stop shittalk fest between me and Sunburn and we're flipping out and geezus did we have heat on each other.

Q: Was it legit heat?

DOC: No I didn't even know the guy at all, but we're just screaming and yelling at each other and like, at this point in my career I don't know anything, I've just fallen off the turnip truck really and there's this one guy on my team who's not doing a lot of promos, so I have him get beaten up by this guy Gary Pederson. I had no idea, but Gary was in tight with the booker...So like this whole match has been me and Sunburn...Suddenly I get Gary in the match, and they book it so I lose to Sunburn and Gary carries my team to the win...Unreal.

Q: Must have been pretty suprising.

DOC: Oh it was...But what can you do? League's gone so there's nothing to say or do then, so I join a few leagues...AAWC was one of them, I get into some smaller league that has Sunburn in it also...

Q: This was about the time you won the US Title off Marcus Price

DOC: That was a bit later, but yeah, after I mid-card for a while I get the US Title push and go over Price...

Q: What was Price like?

DOC: Great guy, taught me a bunch of stuff, really cared about details, the little things matter in this business.

Q: So what happened in the Sunburn league?

DOC: Well I get a World Title shot against Sunburn, and this is my moment, I'm gonna win a belt, blah blah blah, and Sunburn doesn't even promo for the show...Shows up to the event wasted out of his mind, and in spite of all of this, I have to put him over...Now I might be a mark at this point, but even I know this is bullshit...So I'm pissed as hell and ready to leave the company but the Prez calms me down, and they run a world title tournament and I go over and get the belt...Place closed up a little while after that...

Q: You ever see or hear from Sunburn again?

DOC: No, I have no idea what happened to him.

Q: Was this around the first time in CSWA?

DOC: I think this was 96 yeah...I won Ultratitle, and like again, I'm a mark, I'm a moron, I think I got the business knocked, I show up, I cut promos...And my promos sucked, I have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm an idiot, but I just do these things and I win world titles I win Ultratitle, I'm just a machine.

Q: So what had it all fall apart in CSWA?

DOC: I was fighting Mike Randalls for the strap, and a week or so before the show happens, they already have flyers going out for the next show and it lists a Mike Randalls title defense on it, and I'm pissed as hell, I mean I'm mostly angry I'm gonna job, but I'm also angry that I'm going to job and there is no drama to it. So I talk to management and they tell me 'yeah you're doing the job, we're sorry the other show's card leaked' and I throw a fit and quit the league like a hot headed moron, and am called a coward for ducking Randalls and am seen as an unprofessional dick by most of the guys in the locker room, but again, I'm a moron at this timee.

Q: You know that the CSWA deny telling you that you were jobbing.

DOC: (Shrugs) They can say what they want, at that point in my career I was a moron, if they gave me any hope what so ever that I'd win the CSWA Title, I'd have shown up at the arena, no doubt about it. I was a rube.

Q: So what led to your first AAWC World Title run?

DOC: Well what happened is there was this big blowoff to the Battleship/Adler fued, I forget if there was a third man in the match or not, but Battleship went over, and right after he went over management changed in AAWC, and Schmid got the book. Now everyone knew Ship and Schmid were tight, and it just so happens that I'd been booked for a title shot after the PPV, almost assuredly I was gonna get crushed by whoever won the belt, or so I figure the orginal booking would go. Now Schmid's got the book however and the whole locker room is on edge, cause they know if he puts Ship over me, that this is how it's gonna go, that Ship's going to be unstoppable with the booker in his back pocket. Steel Viper was around at this time and he was promising me that he was leaving the league if Ship won.

Q: How did Battleship handle all of this?

DOC: Ship was pissed man, he'd spent all that time fueding with Adler and he finally gets the belt and now he's got to lose it or the company is going to be sunk credibility wise and he knows it. And Ship was a big guy, I mean he was legit seven foot, I don't know if he was 7'6" or whatever the hell they said he was, but he was huge, so I was pretty horrified getting in that cage with him.

Q: And they didn't exactly put you over big for the title.

DOC: No they friggin threw me over the cage and halfway killed me, the bastards, had to protect Ship...He made the mistake of accidentally back body dropping me over the cage...That was the booking.

Q: How bad that hurt?

DOC: Like fucking hell...I was a mark, I wanted the belt, so they basically murdered me and let me have it. I was in the hospital pissing blood for 2 days after that happened but after that I was OK...

Q: Then you had your first run with the AAWC Title. What do you remember most about that?

DOC: Jobbing to Flic Rair and having Adler no sell everything I did to him...

Q: You were unhappy after you jobbed to Rair.

DOC: Oh furious, couldn't believe I had to put him over, livid, all that standard shit, what was funny about the whole thing and I only found out about this much later, is that Schmid was just getting the title off me so that he could have a Wargames between Team Adler and Team Doc, and the finish for that was going to me submitting to the Alderlock...I can you I might have left the league if that happened, oh I was on my last nerve after jobbing to Rair, but being forced to submit to Adler right after...Oh lord...But I don't think Schmid told Adler he was going to submit me and Adler refused 100% to get into the Wargames, so his manager had to take his spot and my team won the match...Could have completely changed my career had that not gone down that way.

Q: So you get the belt back from Rair and then what happens?

DOC: Oh I go on a bender, I'm so screwed up at this point, I'm just constantly drunk, using whatever drugs I can find, I'm just a wreck, and then AAWC's taking a hit, going under, and Schmid's telling me I'm gonna go over Adler in a big 'fuck you' to him on the way out...And that doesn't happen, I gotta put Adler over, and it's done...

Q: What do you do at that point?

DOC: My parents had an intervention for me, I spent a few months drying out, it didn't stick, but I needed it at the time, odds are I'd have killed myself had they not done that.

(Coming up next, Part 2, and the debut of Garbage Doc)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Questions nobody's asked me

Everyone seems to be going about giving away their pearls of wisdom in FW land, so here are questions nobody's asked me, with answers. I'll stear away from 'who's Rp do you like' type questions, cause I hate picking favorites.

1- Idea for Doc Silver?

Doc was ripped off from a friend who literally wrote nearly 400 pages of wrestling matches for a league he made. He had a roster of like 50 guys and would do various things with them. Dr. Silver, Carlos Canyeta, Prism, Spectrum, were all names for guys he had. When I got into FW I just grabbed a few of the names and ran with them. Doc started as a rich kind of smug heel, I won a few titles and did whatever, but then I left E-fedding for a little while and then had a life altering moment.

I had been in a really crummy relationship with my girlfriend for over a year when I finally just got to the point where I understood that me and her really just were not working out and that it was time to call it a day, so we had a talk and we broke up, and then she quickly started dating my best friend 3 days later, that was awesome.

So having just lost my best friend and girlfriend...I'm now really bummed out, just miserable. I'm laying in bed watching MTV.

And then they played the video for "Only Happy When It Rains"...Shit just blew my mind...Song was literally my ex-girlfriend, everything about her...It could not have been more personal, so that about did me in, I was now a Garbage fan for life.

And then I said "fuck it" and just made Doc into me, or at least 'garbage me' as it were. The characters that are easiest to play is the ones most like yourself, and that's pretty much what Doc became after that. I moved to Vegas to deal poker, Doc moved to Vegas to play poker. About the only difference is that Doc's 10 years older then me, is a dry drunk, and a former pain killer addict. He's had a fast life and he's paying for it now.

Bloodhunt was kind of the same way, just me talking about the JFK assassination, something I know way to much about.

2- So you were Doc and Bloodhunt, what about The First, did you suffer a mid-life crisis and become a goth?

The First was supposed to be a comic kind of character in reaction to the narrative storylines that has been happening in leagues and changing the tone of FW. He's also based upon what I think a male version of my friend Rozy would be like, only I think Rozy doesn't have the self esteem to be bold enough to declare she's the oldest living soul in all humanity.

I try to play First such that he's nuts, but self aware that people would think he's nuts, but he knows he's really right and everyone else is wrong. He's also goofy enough to lose his shit and become Pharaoh of Egypt if events warrent it, but I doubt that'll happen for a while now that he's getting a singles push. He's more of a challenge to Rp because I have to figure out what he'd say.

3- So what's the difference with Rp'ing First compared to Doc?

I tend to read what my opponent posted in a match against First and then think things through for an hour or so, trying to find what he'd say or how he'd react to it. Like being called Brian would be a real insult, cause in his mind he isn't Brian...But trying to figure out how to express that is a bitch.

Doc I just read my what my opponent posted and hit reply and just start ripping apart their arguement, with Doc it's just treating the Rp's like a flame war. Only with Garbage lyrics!

4- What's the most important thing about a character?

Details, build the character, all that matters is defining and making a character, keep doing storyline Rp's, keep Rp'ing for matches, just always be putting yourself out there. Try to work out a moveset for your guy that's clearly defined, make it easy on people to write 'my character's match' and have it reflect what you see the character doing.

Right now I'm trying to build First's moveset up, The mist spray thing was a gag I wrote in for the Forsaken/Beast match because it was a reference to something in WoW and I was trying to get a reaction out of Anarky's handler, I don't think he laughed, the jerk, but now I'm keeping it in, cause I don't really see anyone else in EPW using a Muta spray attack, so it makes him unique for doing it.

5- What's the most important for being a good Rp man.

Rp'ing, that's about it, you show up and do the work sooner or later a door will open for you. Being consistant is really what's most important, there are tons of really excellent, most likely better then me Rp'ers out there that I'd never put a World Title on if I was running a league, just cause I can't trust they'll always Rp, and having a World Title defense no Rp'ed is just such a nightmare.

So don't join more leagues then you can Rp for.

6- Who are these handlers you would never strap?

I ain't start drama, you prying scumbags.

7- Tell us about the Zane Incident

I'm not going into it, leave me alone!

8- What about CSWA and --

This interview is over!!!! (Storms off)

(Leave any other questions if you want)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

God that match sucked

I know this is a FW based blog, but really I just had to bitch about the horrible HHH/Orton finish to Wrestlemania....

As a quick aside, after Matrix Reloaded came out and sucked, me and my friend had this long running fight over if Revolutions was going to suck or not. After Revolutions came out and sucked, his reaction was "I can't believe that sucked, because they were filming both movies at the same time, how could they not know what they were building towards?"

That's how I felt about this match, I feel like 3 guys on WWE's creative team got together to book the Orton/HHH match at mania and the rest of the staff booked the feud build up...And these two groups of people never interacted. I mean the whole build up had been Legacy mauling HHH in 3 on 1's, or HHH doing stuff to counter the numbers of Legacy...The final build up of the match was Legacy fighting Vince, Shane and HHH.

So you've got the crowd conditioned for the ref bump, waiting for the crazy run-ins and stuff, the potental for Shane or Steph to turn on Hunter and join Legacy. Something, anything to happen.

So finally after a rather plodding, boring match, we finally get to the ref bump...Which was a really weirdly done ref bump in the sense that Orton knocked out the ref and then instantly RKO'ed HHH...You would think he'd have wanted to not kill the ref if he was going to finisher HHH...But whatever...Now the ref is finally down, now it's time for the chaos and the run-ins!

Or...Not...Maybe Orton will just grab a sledgehammer, have HHH take it from him, hit him with it, throw it out of the ring, punch Orton 60 odd times...Then pick him up, Pedigree him and win the match...

The fuck?

The ending was so out of nowhere and felt like they were afraid they ran out of time...The 'drama' of the end was the ref asking HHH to please quit punching Orton's dead body and to merely Pedigree it and finish it...

I really don't get how the Undertaker/Michaels match could be booked so well, and then this piece of shit comes in and ruins all the good will I had for the show.

That fucking sucked.