Friday, January 29, 2010

FWC Top Ten

I sent this to Chad, figured I'd post my vote on my blog also.

1) Sean Stevens

2) Joe The Plumber

JTP and Stevens are to me the "Brock Vs Fedor" of FWC. Even with their impending meeting in a 5 way at Crash 50, they still aren't going to meet 1 on 1 in a neutral setting. I view JTP as the Fedor here, the unbeatable killer who always dominates everyone, but he's not as active as he should be. Before Lesnar came around a lot of people stopped bothering trying to rate Heavyweights, as clearly nobody was in Fedor's league, but there would be lots of debates that Anderson Silva had overtaken Fedor for #1 pound-for-pound in the world, because he was laying out everyone UFC put in front of him, while Fedor was doing nothing and now and then arm-barring 7 foot sideshow freaks. When Brock showed up and just bullrushed the UFC heavyweight division he became the UFC fanboys answer to Fedor. The one guy Fedor backers couldn't swear Fedor would beat.

It started with everyone saying "Oh Fedor would kill Brock" but then Brock started winning and winning, then he pounded out Couture, got his revenge against Mir. Meanwhile Fedor wasn't fighting much, when he finally did fight, somebody a 2nd round knockout over Brett Rogers was looked at as a weakness, and the polls on 'who would win Brock Vs Fedor' swung to Brock. Is it fair or logical? Maybe not, but that's how it was.

You ask people how they would have voted in August, JTP wins this, he's undefeated, the whole point of Crash 50 was that he's so unbeatable Eddie Mayfield has to go out of the league to find people to SOMEHOW defeat this guy, to finally pry the NFW World Title from him. But Crash 50 hasn't shown up...Stevens won the big Wrestleverse main event...Then cemented his control over EPW with his big win over Westscott and taking up leadership of Anthology. He's at the center of everything in EPW, and for the last few months EPW's been the center of FWC.

Stevens might not have the same aura as JTP, but he's got the belt of the biggest, most active company, and nobody's taken it from him in a year, so he has to be #1.

3) Shawn Hart

This was my toughest selection, and as I write this I still don't know if it's really right. Hart's in EPW's major storyline, he has the New Era World Title, so he's narrowly #3 over.

4) Impulse

NFW TV Champion, I know all about the crazy goings on with his feud with Castor Strife, Semi-Finals of TEAM. Impulse is just a really interesting character and I feel like people like how different he is, he's found an identity in FWC.

5) The First

Formed HOPE, is in the main event at Aggression 50 Vs Stevens, has been around the main event of EPW all year.

6) Felix Red

Now NGEN Champ, was WFW Champ. In Crash 50 main event.

7) Cameron Cruise

Was the de-facto leader of Anthology, TV Champ in WFW:NE, held the IC belt in EPW most of the year, also active in NFW.

8) Layne Winters

TV Champ in EPW, in the HOPE/Anthology storyline. If he's not higher then this next year I'll be floored.

9) Jared Wells

Held the EPW Tag belts all year, has main evented EPW cards, currently I’d say he’s #2 in Anthology.

10) Fusenshoff

This was between Anarky and Fusenshoff for me, I flipped a coin and it came up Fuse. Held the TV Title in EPW, was in the big angle with Stalker, was in a main event win on Agg 48. I think he’ll be big in EPW this year.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ink and Piercings

Since asking everyone how loaded their characters were, I figured I'd ask everyone another question about their characters, and that is, what kinds of tattoos and piercings they have. All of that is very visual and in a text based format, it's not really brought up a lot, but when you watch WWE, you can't help but notice Randy Orton has both his arms as sleeves of tattoos, and the various ink work others have had done.

So away we go, starting with my rogue's gallery.

FIRST- Had his ears pierced before his 'awakening' or whatever the hell you would call it and doesn't wear earrings. Has no tattoos.

CANYETA- Has a bunch of religious tattoos on his right arm, (Cross, Virgin Mary, the text of The 23rd Psalm in spanish) as he is, like most Mexicans, Catholic...Wears earrings now and again, has let a piercing on his right eyebrow heal over.

DOC- Has a tattoo of a King of Diamonds and a Ten of Spades on his left shoulder-blade, this was because Ryoko had demanded he get a tattoo and after much harassment he finally agreed to get a tattoo of a poker hand he won the $1000 buy-in tournament at Belliago with. He won the final hand with those cards and thus was stuck getting the tattoo. Has his ears pierced, also due to harassment from Ryoko.

So lemme know about your characters.