Saturday, May 30, 2009


Let it never be said I can predict anything.

I loved Diversity and am so glad they won, youtube all their performances, they are beyond excellent.

Shocked the saxophone player got third. I guess the brits didn't want another dancing kid to win it all again.

Boyle will still get a singing deal out of this so she's not hurting for the loss.

WSOP day 2

Day 1 I got kicked out after 2 hours, it was boring.

Day 2 was my first real moment of being thrown into the fire, it was a kind of jarring. I'd dealt kiddie pool poker my whole career, 1-2 no limit, maybe a 2-5 every once in a blue moon. Here I was dealing 5-10 no limit with deep deep stacks. 5-10 Pot-Limit Omaha with people buying in for 2,000 a pop. It was really crazy the size of the bets and of course, with this much money comes assholes. I had one real piece of shit in the 4 seat at one table just give me a working over, he was one of those people you wish they would get shot, but not shot like now-a-days, I mean shot like in the revolutionary war when you got hit in the stomach and the doctors had no idea what to do about it just declared it was fatal and then you spent the next 12-48 hours in ripping agony before your body finally gave out on you.

The dealer ahead of me brutally screwed up the final pot, an all-in was called and he pushed the pot without counting down the size of the winning stack, and that led to a giant ordeal. I got into the game not knowing it was a timed game (We take 8 dollars per person per half hour as the rake) and thusly against the rules of WSOP, dealt a hand without taking time, when I tried to stop and take time the 4 seat screamed "We're not stopping in the middle of a hand for time!" and then everyone starting bitching about how the dealers suck, are idiots, morons, etc. They say all this shit without caring that you can hear then, cause they know you just have to take their shit.

From them I then dealt to Chris Moneymaker, who's a really nice guy, he tips, which is more then I can say for most people. His table was really cheerful and friendly, it was a good game all around.

I had more shitty table in the night, a bunch of not so happy people at a really boring 5-10 no limit game. One guy was whining about the game being slowed down by having a player only having 100's in front of him, it was good times.

I dealt a crazy 25-25 PLO game with the button straddling every hand for 50. A few players had 20,000 in front of them, but no hands ever got out of control in the PLO.

Just another one of the glorious days I'll be having at the series. More updates as I work.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The First Issue, and BGT

So I woke up today and I find myself suddenly in the mist of a random series of events as it appeared Josh, Rp'er of Anarky, had been driven to outrage over yet another "Brian" filled First Rp by a First opponent. Over the course of a series of PM's I hashed out the whole issue with Brunk and then posted a Brunk approved message on the forums about the ordeal.

I'm really sorry about everything and that's about all I can say.

Lastly I'm just like to restate again that First is such a total moron of a character I'd like to think I give people tons of ammo to use on him such that I'd hope calling him "Brian" would be about 1,000th on the list of weapons to use against him.

Now for far more important news, I've become a Britain's got talent mark (Soon to be an America's got talent mark once AGT comes back on) and so the big question really is.

Can Aidan Davis upset Susan Boyle?

Everything seems to be lining up for the young dancer, he won the last semi-final so he has the momentum going into the final, Boyle's been invovled in a bunch of sketchy off TV events that could hurt her, because Davis was on the last show, odds are he can just repeat his act, while people will expect Boyle to sing a new song and she might not do so well on it.

All this said...No, he can't beat her, nobody's stopping her...She's the story this year, so she's winning it. I hope I'm wrong cause I think Davis needs the win more then her, but I doubt it. (Note: I also had Cleveland winning the NBA title this year and that isn't looking so good.)

The top 3

1. Boyle
2. Davis
3. Diversity (edging out Flawless)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nomination for TEAM judge

What with the Supreme Court being in the headlines and the raging fight raging on Billy's blog via nameless people, I felt the need to step forth and offer my services after this tournament is over to be a full time judge on TEAM. I've become a mark for "Britain's Got Talent" over the last month or so and I really feel like TEAM should have 3 very public judges who go over all the matches and make their decisions.

People complain about losing all the time, it's one of the reasons we all get into this hobby, the feeling of being wronged is something I thing we all can really get into.

The problem is that when people lose in TEAM they blame "TEAM" this faceless entity that existed only to incorrectly judge the Rp in their match and give victory to the undeserving party. It's also deeply annoying to lose in TEAM because TEAM is just a straight Rp event, there is no angles to build off of a loss, no storylines to follow up, you lose and you're done, it's a pretty cold reality. You would like to at least understand the logic of why you lost, and public judges would help with that, cause they would have to explain themselves to the public for why they made the decision they did.

So why should I be trusted to judge TEAM? Well I've been in E-Fedding for forever and have seen just about everything, I spend way to much time on this hobby. I understand character development and the finer points of 'smacktalk' Rp, which is what TEAM is. And I have a pretty simple series of criteria for picking a winner.

1) Effort

Effort is what matters most to me, putting the first Rp up. Stacking somebody. I know people are always going on about 'quality vs quantity' and how 1 good Rp should beat 40 bad ones, but why is that? Good is subjective, I mean crap is crap and that's all there is to it, but if somebody gets off a solid first Rp, their opponent replies back with some epic Rp that makes me weep...And then the first guy writes another good reply, and then a stacking good reply...The first guys wins, he was hungry, he wanted it more, that's all there is to it...If you want to win, don't let yourself be stacked, 48 hours is plenty of time to get an Rp up, and this is TEAM, this is a pure Rp wins format, you know what you were getting into when you signed up.

2) Character

Your character is what you are portraying here, so I'd expect to see that, if I don't know your character I'll read your bio and then check out the league your from and read Rp's you've done to get a baseline for your character. Then I'd expect him to stay as that person. He might be fighting a total stranger, but that's something that often happens in TEAM. I want to see your guy being your guy thrown into this match.

"But you spent your whole time burying Christian Daniels for being a murderer"

That was as Doc Silver, hater of horrible gimmicks. As a judge if I'm judging his Rp's I want to see him killing people in clever ways so as to not be caught, I want "Christian Daniels, biker crime lord" rocking the bikerdom, and the crime lord...

3) The debate

This is a buncha smacktalking, I want you crushing your opponent's smacktalk in a coherent way that is true to your character, controlling the flow of the debate. When people don't have very solid talking points in their Rp's it generally means you skimmed your opponent's stuff. That's weaksause, read it and refute it.

4) Most overt pandering to my pet interests*

If it's really close and you're nervous about victory, pander shamelessly. Quote Garbage lyrics, go for B-sides and shit that's really obscure or I won't really feel like your trying. Talk about 'hand-range' and 'M' in relation to poker. Bring up the JFK assassination and who you think did it. Talk about Warcraft. Odds are it's 1-1 in the judging and I'm deciding if all your hard work is going to be rewarded or not, so you might as well placate me.

*= This is all a lie, none of this will help you.

Maybe I should have PM'ed Adam all this, but then I wouldn't have anything to blog about, and besides, I'd want it to be public anyhow, so I figured I'd post it here.

So that's that, off to await round 2 results and remember, if Doc jobs to Cruise it's the greatest outrage in the history of E-Fedding! Expect a redaction filled tirade right after I see that result!

(Or not. I can't honestly worry to much about matches where I'm writing friggin movie Rp's into the threads.)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

UFC live blogging

I'll be blogging after every match on UFC, nobody's reading this live, but whatever, I'm gonna just post my AIM conversation with my friend who's watching UFC with me

Sherk Vs Edgar

war on eurasia (7:12:25 PM): "Sean Sherk is really devoted to his training, his diet, his roid cycling"
BraincaseCW (7:12:44 PM): Way to fuck me
BraincaseCW (7:12:56 PM): I had you ate 2 minutes of round one before bringing that up
BraincaseCW (7:12:59 PM): at
war on eurasia (7:13:11 PM): I didn't fuck you cause nobody took the under
BraincaseCW (7:13:25 PM): YOU DONT KNOW!!!
BraincaseCW (7:13:51 PM): ladies and gentlemen... I AM OVERPAID!!!
war on eurasia (7:14:07 PM): Hey, he final tabled a WPT event...
BraincaseCW (7:14:12 PM): So?
BraincaseCW (7:14:42 PM): HERB!!!
BraincaseCW (7:14:48 PM): The ad went away on the first one
BraincaseCW (7:15:11 PM): Man they got the brother jerking the curtain? WTF?
war on eurasia (7:21:15 PM): My net is the problem...Having a bitch of a time getting anything loaded
BraincaseCW (7:22:18 PM): Close some stuff out
war on eurasia (7:24:42 PM): Sean "fuck dancing with what brung mee" Sherk
BraincaseCW (7:25:07 PM): Well that worked so well with Penn might as go right back to it
war on eurasia (7:26:59 PM): "Sean Sherk just shrugged his shoulders as if to say 'what could I do?' I dunno...FUCKING WRESTLE?!"
BraincaseCW (7:27:30 PM): You must be a few seconds ahead of me
war on eurasia (7:31:21 PM): Sherk's just a shot fighter...I mean he could win this, but I feel like he's dropped off a lot
BraincaseCW (7:34:08 PM): The judges agree
war on eurasia (7:34:17 PM): So amazing...
BraincaseCW (7:34:25 PM): What?
war on eurasia (7:35:24 PM): Sherk's lightning like fall...He went from unbeatable tank who was Penn's equal in most people's eyes at 155 now losing a clean sweep to Frankie Edgar...And he's gone from a wrestling machine to a Joe Daddy like 1 dimentional striker
BraincaseCW (7:35:52 PM): I blame the GOP
war on eurasia (7:36:50 PM): I blame the Democrats, they punish achivement with higher taxes...And roid testing

Miller Vs Sonnen

BraincaseCW (7:37:50 PM): Rashad rocking the pink shirt
war on eurasia (7:38:11 PM): Fucking Sopcast website won't load for me
BraincaseCW (7:38:28 PM): You don't need the website
BraincaseCW (7:38:42 PM): just open the program and type in the address
war on eurasia (7:38:50 PM): I don't have the program is the problem
BraincaseCW (7:39:43 PM): Let me see if I can get you a government bailout
war on eurasia (7:40:59 PM): Kane would oppose your anti-free-market actions
BraincaseCW (7:41:22 PM): But Stanton is on board?
war on eurasia (7:42:10 PM): This download is gonna take a half hour apparently...Wow
BraincaseCW (7:42:20 PM): For fucks sake
BraincaseCW (7:46:07 PM): This seems to be faster
BraincaseCW (7:46:32 PM): Yves Lavinge gets Vickie like heel heat for some reason
war on eurasia (7:46:45 PM): Crowd chanting "You screwed Bret" at him?
BraincaseCW (7:46:54 PM): Pretty much
war on eurasia (7:47:24 PM): This sopcast DEFEATS other Sopcast
BraincaseCW (7:47:39 PM): Aren't you forgetting something?
war on eurasia (7:47:52 PM): Thank you sir...Thank you...
BraincaseCW (7:48:01 PM): You are welcome
war on eurasia (7:51:21 PM): Sonnen enjoying his opponent laying there and taking a beating
BraincaseCW (7:51:58 PM): I wonder how many "fucks" populate Dana's twitter
war on eurasia (7:52:45 PM): 0 on the front page...odd
BraincaseCW (7:52:58 PM): Wow
BraincaseCW (7:55:17 PM): Sherks is in the back watching this going "Lay on him? Why didn't EYE think of that?"
war on eurasia (7:55:21 PM): ROTFL
war on eurasia (7:55:39 PM): I was about to say "Sean Sherk died and his spirit now lives in Sonnen"
BraincaseCW (7:55:57 PM): LOL
BraincaseCW (7:56:01 PM): Great minds etc...
BraincaseCW (8:00:00 PM): GAWD ground fighting is boring
war on eurasia (8:00:44 PM): Stand them up Yves
BraincaseCW (8:01:47 PM): Rowdy crowd tonight
BraincaseCW (8:02:00 PM): MGM Grand = The bingo hall
war on eurasia (8:02:10 PM): I'm gonna go watch the basketball game as it finishes up, fuck this shit...
BraincaseCW (8:02:26 PM): You fucking sell out

X Vs McFedries

BraincaseCW (8:06:51 PM): Now the funniest name in UFC history
war on eurasia (8:08:23 PM): You know I had some idea who was coming out based off that theme
BraincaseCW (8:09:17 PM): You fucking racist
BraincaseCW (8:09:38 PM): :: Calls 44 ::
war on eurasia (8:09:52 PM): No, not the FEMA death camps!
BraincaseCW (8:10:16 PM): Your gonna have to start wearing a daishiki
war on eurasia (8:10:27 PM): (Cries) Noooo...
BraincaseCW (8:10:52 PM): Drew Mcfedries is DEAD
BraincaseCW (8:11:01 PM): Drew McDeadries?
war on eurasia (8:11:25 PM): Oh lord...Yes indeed
BraincaseCW (8:11:56 PM): If only it would have opened with "You don't love me you just love my doggystyle"
BraincaseCW (8:13:09 PM): POOP UPON!!!
war on eurasia (8:13:17 PM): Oh dear
war on eurasia (8:13:41 PM): LOL...Yves gets booed without mercy again
BraincaseCW (8:13:54 PM): Seriously what is that about?
war on eurasia (8:14:29 PM): LOL...
war on eurasia (8:14:35 PM): Wow that was fucking insane
BraincaseCW (8:14:53 PM): Geezus
war on eurasia (8:15:48 PM): That was swift
BraincaseCW (8:16:03 PM): We must be in for an incredible entrance soon

(Note: whoever we think has the best entrance of the night is cursed to lose)

Polish killing machine Vs Jobber

BraincaseCW (8:17:52 PM): Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice
BraincaseCW (8:19:03 PM): seriously BUY OUR FUCKING GAME
war on eurasia (8:19:26 PM): Our casinos went under...For the love of God buy our shit
war on eurasia (8:19:52 PM): How you feeling about your boy Vs Guida
BraincaseCW (8:20:01 PM): Should be a good fight
BraincaseCW (8:20:12 PM): I actually really like Guida as well
BraincaseCW (8:20:40 PM): Diego was not impressive against Joe
war on eurasia (8:20:50 PM): UFC 100 getting the WM push
BraincaseCW (8:20:58 PM): As it should
BraincaseCW (8:21:44 PM): When was the last tiem we saw a successful LW title defense? Rampage over Henderson?
BraincaseCW (8:22:18 PM): Errr LHW
BraincaseCW (8:22:45 PM): Herb had to work a dark match? BULLSHIT
war on eurasia (8:25:16 PM): Yes, Rampage/Henderson was the last one
war on eurasia (8:25:33 PM): "Don't move, your neck is clearly broken"
BraincaseCW (8:25:39 PM): LMAO
BraincaseCW (8:25:59 PM): Krystoff looks like the bad guy from a bond film

Hughes vs Serra

war on eurasia (8:28:48 PM): And now...
war on eurasia (8:28:51 PM): THIS SHIT IS REAL
BraincaseCW (8:28:59 PM): Fuck yeah
BraincaseCW (8:29:13 PM): I am interested to see who the crowd is behind
war on eurasia (8:29:27 PM): HHHughes, cause UFC's blowjobbery of him
BraincaseCW (8:29:40 PM): This is a smark crwod though
BraincaseCW (8:29:46 PM): So Serra may have a shot
BraincaseCW (8:30:38 PM): LOL
war on eurasia (8:30:39 PM): LOL...
BraincaseCW (8:30:56 PM): And this is our new leader
war on eurasia (8:31:02 PM): Matt Serra, born some time or another...Died May 23th 2009
BraincaseCW (8:31:20 PM): He had a good run
BraincaseCW (8:32:11 PM): Serra is built the way I would be if I lifted weights.
BraincaseCW (8:32:25 PM): We are shaped very similarly
war on eurasia (8:33:18 PM): Hughes getting his deserved heel reaction
BraincaseCW (8:33:26 PM): Shit
BraincaseCW (8:33:28 PM): PWN3D
BraincaseCW (8:33:45 PM): I told you this is the UFC equivelant of an ECW crowd
war on eurasia (8:34:51 PM): I never liked Hughes but I'll always remember whn he beat Penn and was pretty much the only dick alive ever to cut a post match promo bemoaning his opponent's training...I mean you're supposed to just be like "Yeah, he's a tough guy, it was a great win."
BraincaseCW (8:36:03 PM): For me it was when he coached TUF and Jason Von Flue gave him a great win but got hurt and HHHughes was basically "Fuck him send him to the other team"
war on eurasia (8:36:12 PM): LOL...Joe Rogan with the crazy blowjob of Hughes...This reminds me of the endless "Wow Liddell looks GREAT tonight"
BraincaseCW (8:36:27 PM): They are the two golden boys
war on eurasia (8:37:01 PM): "He's talking rematches with Silva, and GSP" Why? He wants an addition on his house and is willing to eat another beating to get it?
BraincaseCW (8:37:22 PM): WTF makes him think he deserves ANOTHER GSP fight?
war on eurasia (8:37:36 PM): I have no idea...He doesn't even deserve another Alves fight...
war on eurasia (8:37:47 PM): Or is it T. silva? I'm fucking losing my mind
BraincaseCW (8:37:55 PM): Silva I think
BraincaseCW (8:38:00 PM): But I get your point
war on eurasia (8:38:10 PM): Yeah...I think Koscheck could take Hughes at this point
BraincaseCW (8:38:24 PM): New Rule no more guys named Silva or Sylvia in UFC
war on eurasia (8:38:59 PM): LOL..."Now hook 'em up...Or...Not..."
BraincaseCW (8:42:12 PM): HHHughes dropping his hands alot
war on eurasia (8:42:29 PM): I thjnk he's concussed
war on eurasia (8:44:16 PM): 10-9 Serra, razor close...
BraincaseCW (8:44:29 PM): Yeah it could go either way
war on eurasia (8:44:59 PM): Hughes DEMANDING to know who won the round, corner refuses to pick a winner
war on eurasia (8:45:23 PM): LOL...Matt Serra, king of the accidental back of the head shot
BraincaseCW (8:45:53 PM): Fucking stay on him
war on eurasia (8:48:59 PM): Serra looking like a bored hooker wishing her john would just finish and get the fuck off her
BraincaseCW (8:49:04 PM): LOL
BraincaseCW (8:49:06 PM): Yes
BraincaseCW (8:49:17 PM): Sadly he is losing in the process
BraincaseCW (8:50:40 PM): Serra is the only guy I have seen throw a side kick
war on eurasia (8:50:42 PM): That's my facebook status
war on eurasia (8:50:54 PM): "This motherfucker is content to lay on you."
war on eurasia (8:51:06 PM): Meanwhile in Hughes camp
war on eurasia (8:51:35 PM): "lay and pray, then be an unbelieveable prick in your post match interview."
BraincaseCW (8:51:47 PM): LOL
BraincaseCW (8:52:05 PM): FUCKING GO AFTER HIM
war on eurasia (8:52:20 PM): He can't...If he gets in he'll get clinched and taken down
BraincaseCW (8:52:41 PM): Oh good
BraincaseCW (8:52:45 PM): 4 more minutes of this
war on eurasia (8:53:05 PM): GOGO HIM!
war on eurasia (8:53:44 PM): I'm gonna go take a nap...Wake me up when the insufferable blowing of Hughes is over
BraincaseCW (8:53:59 PM): :: Never wakes up Stanton ::
war on eurasia (8:54:34 PM): Fucking eternal sleep due to UFC's endless fucking hype of Hughes
BraincaseCW (8:54:49 PM): What the fuck
BraincaseCW (8:54:54 PM): FINALLY
BraincaseCW (8:54:59 PM): Now fucking go after him
war on eurasia (8:55:13 PM): Spinning back fist with 15 seconds left wins it for Serra
BraincaseCW (8:55:36 PM): Serra being a moron
BraincaseCW (8:55:42 PM): God damn it
war on eurasia (8:55:48 PM): OH SNAP
war on eurasia (8:56:52 PM): Bah...Fuck that match...
war on eurasia (8:57:02 PM): Fuck Hughes on the decision 1 time!
BraincaseCW (8:57:18 PM): It could theoretically go to Serra
BraincaseCW (8:57:22 PM): Its a long shot
BraincaseCW (8:57:27 PM): But not impossible
war on eurasia (8:57:35 PM): There have been worse muggings
BraincaseCW (8:58:21 PM): FUCK
war on eurasia (8:58:37 PM): I knew it was coming...Please retire...Or get hit by a truck
BraincaseCW (8:58:45 PM): Good lord
BraincaseCW (8:58:56 PM): GOD DMAN IT
BraincaseCW (8:58:59 PM): DAMN

Evans Vs Machida

BraincaseCW (9:05:02 PM): Its really hard to find someone to imitate him... because there aren't 1,000,000 karate schools in America
BraincaseCW (9:05:56 PM): Whats the line on this?
war on eurasia (9:07:24 PM): Machida was like -170
BraincaseCW (9:07:54 PM): Rashad has to be the most under rated fighter EVER
BraincaseCW (9:08:47 PM): Wouldnt have figured Lyoto a Linkn Park guy
war on eurasia (9:09:41 PM): Fucking Herb working the prep point, man, they get a man elected president and a brother still can't work a main event
BraincaseCW (9:09:59 PM): Its fucking bullshit
BraincaseCW (9:10:11 PM): When are we going to rise up and over come?
war on eurasia (9:11:33 PM): Rashad steals Anderson Silva's old theme
BraincaseCW (9:11:53 PM): Back when Penn was fighting people in nay weight class
BraincaseCW (9:11:59 PM): As opposed to what he is doing now?
war on eurasia (9:12:11 PM): Well BJ lost his shit and went up to 205 and fought Lyoto
BraincaseCW (9:12:34 PM): He had planned on doing that in UFC he wanted all 3 belts at one point
war on eurasia (9:13:10 PM): ROTFL
BraincaseCW (9:13:21 PM): I know
BraincaseCW (9:13:24 PM): OMG
BraincaseCW (9:13:27 PM): LMAO
BraincaseCW (9:13:43 PM): IRON SHARPENS IRON!!!
war on eurasia (9:14:24 PM): LOL...I know...I'm still on the floor
BraincaseCW (9:14:47 PM): Coach Wade in 2012?
war on eurasia (9:15:29 PM): "Coach '12...We're gonna lose, make it entertaining"
war on eurasia (9:15:59 PM): I think this is also the 2nd fight the Light Heavyweight Champion has come in as a dog
war on eurasia (9:16:07 PM): 2nd fight in a row
BraincaseCW (9:16:15 PM): Forrest was a dog?
war on eurasia (9:16:25 PM): Evans was a slight favorite over Griffin I think...I know it was a tight line
BraincaseCW (9:16:47 PM): At least we have a no lose situation here
war on eurasia (9:17:03 PM): Yeah, if Evans wins it's OK with me...But I am offically invested in Machida here
BraincaseCW (9:17:11 PM): Agreed
BraincaseCW (9:17:34 PM): We need him to win and for Karo to go on a tear so maybe we get some different arts in UFC
war on eurasia (9:18:04 PM): We need a Sumo to cut to 265 or whatever heavyweight's cap is and kick ass
BraincaseCW (9:18:35 PM): Akebono FTW!!!
BraincaseCW (9:18:56 PM): I think Akebono is in MMA actually
war on eurasia (9:19:01 PM): And he sucks
war on eurasia (9:19:42 PM): Dana having a stroke right now
BraincaseCW (9:19:59 PM): This does have the potential to be one dull ass fight
war on eurasia (9:21:59 PM): The thing with Machida is if you lay off him he'll just do enough to take the round from you
war on eurasia (9:22:31 PM): Or he'll win the round easy
BraincaseCW (9:22:48 PM): One or the other as it were?
war on eurasia (9:22:52 PM): Either or
war on eurasia (9:23:19 PM): 10-9 Machida, no doubt
BraincaseCW (9:23:24 PM): Thanks man
war on eurasia (9:23:48 PM): Hey I'm live blogging our conversation...So I have to keep my scoring
BraincaseCW (9:23:58 PM): LOL
BraincaseCW (9:24:14 PM): I am not sure how one live blogs a conversation
war on eurasia (9:24:30 PM): i just C'n'P the chat log into sections...
BraincaseCW (9:24:46 PM): To be posted where?
war on eurasia (9:24:57 PM): On
war on eurasia (9:25:10 PM): mostly for E-Fedding blogging, but tonight is UFC
BraincaseCW (9:25:23 PM): How many fucking blogspots do you have?
war on eurasia (9:25:28 PM): unending
war on eurasia (9:26:05 PM): Ths fight is literally a human game of chess
BraincaseCW (9:28:32 PM): Damn
war on eurasia (9:28:42 PM): KNEEL BEFORE YOUR GOD
BraincaseCW (9:29:03 PM): Rampage: "Awwwww damn"
war on eurasia (9:29:31 PM): "Fuck man, that guy is gonna KILL me"
BraincaseCW (9:30:00 PM): Man he went out like a light
BraincaseCW (9:30:17 PM): :: Sean Salmon jumps in the octagon ::
war on eurasia (9:30:34 PM): Really...Nobody is beating this fucking guy...
BraincaseCW (9:30:37 PM): :: Rashad knocks him out again ::
war on eurasia (9:30:48 PM): He has to be in the conversation with GSP, Silva and Fedor for P4P best
BraincaseCW (9:31:29 PM): Yeah
BraincaseCW (9:31:41 PM): Though people won't agree until he beats Rampage
war on eurasia (9:32:15 PM): Rampage is a joke...
war on eurasia (9:32:18 PM): He's gonna get killed
BraincaseCW (9:32:22 PM): I am aware
war on eurasia (9:33:12 PM): WAR MACHIDA!!!
BraincaseCW (9:33:25 PM): He justt fucking steals the mic
war on eurasia (9:33:43 PM): "I don't care if this is my fucking third langauge, gimme the stick!"
war on eurasia (9:34:54 PM): They should have Rampage just fight Evans while Dana contacts beings from other planets to sign with UFC to give Machida a challenge
BraincaseCW (9:35:46 PM): I actually just got a call from Dana to destrap him
war on eurasia (9:36:25 PM): I will speak touchingly at your funeral.