Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wrestlemania was awful

I know it's typical to over-react right after something's just happened, but man Wrestlemania sucked. Some of the in-ring action was fine, but the booking was across the board awful.

Alberto Del Rio Vs Edge

For whatever reason they decided to shoot Del Rio's push in the neck. I mean the guy jobbed to Christian two weeks in a row on Smackdown and then he loses the title match at Mania, what the hell is going on here? I'm going to be just disgusted if Del Rio wins the belt at the next PPV which tends to be nothing but Mania Re-matches, cause then this is just a stupid Vince "Everyone knows Del Rio's going over, so I'm gonna put Edge over, fuck 'em!"

Rey Mysterio Vs Cody Rhodes

Fine for what it was, a good win for Cody. Solid match all around.

Worthless Corre Squash, no comment

Randy Orton Vs CM Punk

I hate matches where the face is booked with an injury and then wins clean over the heel anyhow. It makes the heel look totally incapable of winning a match. I mean, why would I think Punk would ever beat a healthy Orton when he can't beat a 1 legged Orton? A good match, but I hated the finish where Punk was smart enough to avoid an RKO, but then runs right into another one.

Michael Cole Vs Jerry Lawler

Long, overbooked, and the reverse decision was just awful. Cole's offense was horrible and exposed the business, I have no idea what he was thinking with his 'not standing on Lawler's leg' move. Just garbage, the reverse decision was just garbage. We have to protect Michael Cole's heat here? Not Alberto Del Rio or CM Punk?

Taker Vs HHH

Best match on the show, they sold me that HHH was going to beat him, and there was a part of me that wanted him to. To me the Streak has gone from 'sacred' to something I want to see end. The two of them killed themselves out there, great match, good finish.

Snooki/Trish/Morrison Vs LayCool/Ziggler

Good for what it was, Snooki hit her spots and will make for good TV.

John Cena Vs The Miz

Again more overbooked garbage, why does Rock restart the match when it just gives Cena another shot at winning the title? I mean he hates Cena, can't he just kick his ass?

Why Rock went over both Miz and Cena is beyond me, he doesn't need the rub, and this isn't even like "Floyd Mayweather over Big Show" where Show's just a sideshow that gets attention, this is your main event draw and your new champion you're trying to get over, and you have a retired wrestler crush them both, so stupid.

As my friend Chris said.

"Over the last yearish the new talent they have pushed is AmDrag, Sheamus, Del Rio, Barrett, and Miz. AmDrag and Sheamus got pushed into a dark match that they didn't get to finish. Del Rio got to lose clean in the opener to a guy looking to retire, then have an integral part of his gimmick destroyed, Barrett got thrown into a random 8 man that lasted like 90 seconds and not even be involved in it, and Miz did win the main event at Wrestlemania... but was barely even a part of the story as he basically murdered his opponent to no avail only to have an actor hit one move and win it for him and then be promptly pumeled to death by that actor... it is appropriate that this was in Atlanta because it reminds me of another promotion that pulled shit like this in the same city... hell it was the same building where they gave away Hogan/Goldberg for free."

Preach on Brother.

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