Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where I'm at right now

I'm burnt out is pretty much the best way to describe myself. I just feel shot at this point when it comes to writing Rp's, I felt like I didn't do very well Vs Anarky in EPW and thought it was likely I would lose and that I'd deserve to, my Rp in A1E has been spotty over the last few shows, I'm kind of lost in both feds.

I want to talk to a couple people about working out stuff for the next show for EPW and then most likely take a break from EPW and A1E for the time being, I'm sorry to everyone for stepping out like this, but I really don't feel like I can contribute to the shows, and I want to devote my energy to my new idea.

Hopefully Chad will get my PM and my latest hair-brained scheme will be up and running sometime soon and I'll have another blog post about that.

1 comment:

  1. I totally understand the burnout, especially when you've been sick and working a lot and also in the throes of horrible, horrible WoW addiction. ;-)

    But, y'know, sometimes after a tough loss you get extra bummed out and things seem pretty pointless but then time passes and you feel better about it and it's not so horrible.

    So who knows. You're a pretty significant part of FW, so I hope it's not permanent. Come back real soon.