Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where I'm at right now

I'm burnt out is pretty much the best way to describe myself. I just feel shot at this point when it comes to writing Rp's, I felt like I didn't do very well Vs Anarky in EPW and thought it was likely I would lose and that I'd deserve to, my Rp in A1E has been spotty over the last few shows, I'm kind of lost in both feds.

I want to talk to a couple people about working out stuff for the next show for EPW and then most likely take a break from EPW and A1E for the time being, I'm sorry to everyone for stepping out like this, but I really don't feel like I can contribute to the shows, and I want to devote my energy to my new idea.

Hopefully Chad will get my PM and my latest hair-brained scheme will be up and running sometime soon and I'll have another blog post about that.