Monday, April 19, 2010

Getting your murder on

I really don't understand why people need to commit murder in E-Fedding. I mean honestly wrestling has gotten by just fine for a long time without murder being committed. Hell when they 'killed' Vince McMahon the internet buried it. They thought it was tacky and cheap, a bullshit stunt to kill to pretend somebody died, much like honestly kill someone.

Yet I look around non-FWC leagues and I see people killing people left and right. Here's from the EWTorch's awards for March.

Heel of the Month: Lee Best- High Octane Wrestling
-Beat the rap and a federal indictment. Had his brother brutally murdered. Bottomlined Bishop Steele. All in a month’s work for Lee Best.

Now far be it from me to question High Octane Wrestling and it's staff, but if you knew for a fact that a man had his brother brutally murdered, maybe I'd think about not working there anymore...I mean Bishop Steele got off light getting 'bottomlined' (Unless that to was a way Lee Best kills people) But I think working in a place where you are likely to be not only murdered, but 'brutally murdered' is bad times.

Then I looked into "Just Wrestling" because well, it's name implies pure honest to goodness wrestling, wrestling is good, I like wrestling. Of course the first Rp I read from the place was a guy smack talking his uptight married friend for being wigged out about being at a strip club, and then putting the moves on a stripper and getting ready to have the sex. All of this didn't seem very wrestling based, but then I stumbled across the 'best Rp's of all time' and the first two had some level of wrestling about them, which was fine, I thought maybe I'd misjudged "Just Wrestling"

Then I read the third best Rp ever written in the company, and a guy kills an old love of his. They have a long talk about how she knows he's going to kill her and he feels bad about it, but in the end it is what it is, an Rp so good it makes the podium in the history of this league, is an Rp that referenced wrestling only in passing (As being the murdering character's career choice, and had a guy kill someone.)

I get that a lot of TV is about murder and crime and all that jazz, but Wrestling is supposed to be a simulation of sports, not prime time dramas. Murder is a crutch for a lazy writer, it's an easy way to shock and draw attention to yourself..."My dude killed somebody!" it's also a cheap way to make a character look like a bad ass. Your character is so bad ass they KILL people.

And this lets the murder genie out of the murder bottle. I mean how do you get more heel heat then a known murderer? Is Dan Ryan gonna be EXTRA mean spirited in his putdowns? Is Sean Stevens going to be EXTRA smug in his promos? It's like garbage wrestling, when you make a crowd understand that kicking out of being powerbombed through a table covered in broken glass can happen, it's hard for them to accept a guy got pinned with a DDT. Likewise whatever dirtbag moves a heel pulls, they aren't going to be nearly as bad as killing somebody, so how is he going to get heat?

So do try to keep the body count down to a reasonable level if at all possible. I know it's tough, those woodchppers are just so inviting, but seriously, don't do it, it's not worth it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Questions for Layne Winters

Josh asked a bunch, and while I think I could run with that alone, I'd like to get a few other people to ask some questions for the Winters shoot interview. So post some questions for Layne, and sometime around Monday or Tuesday I'll start harassing Billy and get the first "Going Off Script" posted.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Going off Script on XM Radio

Having gotten only 1 person to sign up for the 2nd edition of pillar to post (you slackers) I have a new idea I wanted to roll out.

The plan is that a character joins the show "Going off Script" on XM Radio. Your hosts, Will Brown and Allen Tyson. It's a show that opens with a brief interview with Brown and Tyson talking to the character out of kayfabe, and then opening the line for some calls, with fans also asking shoot questions. The hosts tend to give wrestlers when they try to kayfabe stuff.

The readership of this blog would be 'the callers' who can IM/PM/Post questions to the blog, and the hosts would be me asking someone questions. If anyone wants their character to take part in this lemme know and I'll set it up, if ya'll are slackers I'll end up posting an episode with The First as the guest.

So tell me if you want in on this or Pillar to Post and I'll to get the ball rolling.

EDIT: Billy's offered up Layne Winters for a guest on Going Off Script. Anyone with questions for Layne should post them here or IM me at "War on Eurasia" on AIM. Once I get like 5 or so questions (More the better) I'll harass Billy with them and get this show on the road.