Friday, July 2, 2010

Pro Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

While I think of ideas for leagues, one I've kicked around for a while is a league based around tournaments, not in the TEAM sense, but rather in the format of golf or tennis, a season that has many tournaments over the course of the year.

The set up would be 4 Major tournaments and 6 Minor tournaments. The majors would have themes that would be mirrored by the minors. Why enter a minor? We'll get to that in a moment, but first let's go over the majors.

MAJOR #1 The Legends

Format: FWC style script writing trash talk

Kayfabe info: Held in the historic Greensboro Coliseum, The Legends is the once a year tradition where 32 of the finest wrestlers in all the land beat the heck out of each other for the sought after White Strapped Belt.

MAJOR #2 U.S. Wrestling Classic

Format: self contained narrative (by this I mean, you write your own stories, most likely in your character's mythos.)

Kayfabe info: Folks of all walks of life seek glory and victory in the squared circle as the U.S. Wrestling Classic. What tale of woe and weal will win out in the end and capture the Golden Bowl?

MAJOR #3 England's Wrestling Championship

Format: Open Rp format, emphasis on forwarding storylines and building up matches via segments and interaction with other handlers.

Kayfabe Info: England has a proud tradition of scrappers and brawlers, and expect you to come prepared to fight. Only the toughest can expect to walk out of Wembley Stadium with the Silver Crown.

MAJOR #4 PWC Championships

Format: Theme based Rp. Rp should be about your character's quest to win the PWC Championship, be it by trash talk or narrative. Your Rp should also be about the setting for that year's PWC Champion, as the event can be held just about anywhere on earth (Well within reason, we're not having in the south pole.)

Kayfabe Info: The season ends with the PWC Championships. The PWC Trophy is one of the most sought after pieces of hardware in the wrestling world, and whoever navigates the always tough field to claim it will have assuredly earned it.

Of course I'm open to suggestions/ideas about how to format the majors and what not will you

Question time

"You're not judging this all by yourself are you?"

I'd like to find 2 other people who don't share my views on Rp'ing, maybe from PTC or elsewhere, and have them judge things with me, and I'd expect them to go public with their rulings and reasons for their rulings, as will I.

"What's the point of the minors?"

Good you asked, Minors will be place holders, and also a way to insure you get into a major. Winning a minor gets you an automatic invite to the next 2 majors, and they add up. If you won both minors before the PWC Championships, you would get into the next 4 majors.

"What if I'm busy and can't attend a major I have an automatic entry for?"

Then let me know and I'll keep that entry open for you for the next one.

"So winning a major is cool, anything else to this?"

Well yes, I'll make up a points ranking system and a money leader board. This way we could have 5 or even 6 people happy at the end of the season, 4 different majors winners, a points leader and a money leader. Give people different goals to shoot for and talking points in Rp's...Like having the 1# ranked wrestler on the points system declaring his domination, and his opponent fires back that he just won the The Legends, and that Mr. #1 ranking has no majors to his name.

And so that's my new idea, questions, comments, suggestions always welcome.

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