Sunday, February 14, 2010

Concept Fed: Alternate Universe Wrestling

I saw Billy's dragon league and an EWTorch thread about concept leagues and thought about what would be a concept league I'd have an interest in. I'm pretty swamped in E-Fedding right now so I can't run this, but I'd most likely join it if somebody did.

Welcome to Alternate Universe Wrestling: AUW.

You join AUW by submitting a well known character you handle, as does everyone else, and once the league has about 12-15 people, we have a draft, and you end up getting somebody else's character to Rp. I don't want 'tribute' Rp's either where you try to copy the style of the other person, no I want a re-invention of the character, a new take on them.

The AUW Roster

NOTE: I haven't asked any of the handlers here about how they would handle any of these characters, these are just ideas I'm throwing out there. Feel free to be disgusted with how your characters are ruined, or tell me you would never have that idea for that character.

Joe The Plumber- Barry Clark takes JTP from his drug induced trash talking mania and turns him into a skirt chasing bad ass. JTP always seems to end up being the plumber on duty when Sorority houses plumbing has a problem. Same with wealthy women who's husbands are out of town, and also strip clubs always seem to get Joe to show up whenever they have a problem. Joe most likely has double digit kids and has been ducking DNA tests for years.

Castor Strife- Jon Katz knows Castor controls Hollywood, and he proves it. Castor is no longer directing fake snuff porn, but is rather a ubiquitous producer for some unknown film studio. He promises all the stars of AUW fame beyond that which wrestling can grand them, but sadly after the fools jump through the hoops, the projects never seem to get greenlit.

Anarky- Ryan Aston decides that Anarky needs to be a bit more...Chaotic...Anarky interferes in matches left and right, never having a reason or motive for his meddling in the affairs of others. He manages at one point to become Head Ref of AUW and his rulings effect the AUW World Title repeatedly. He is universally reviled by the locker room, but is also feared.

Sean Stevens- Tom Holzerman shows us the man that survived the gangs of Miami. Sean Stevens humble roots turned him into a man who rejects outward displays of wealth, knowing so many who got killed chasing that lifestyle. He has his money, but quietly donates it to charities for youth projects, and goes to high schools wherever AUW goes, telling kids to stay out of gangs and avoid gun violence.

The First- Barry Thompson brings us the shattered mind of The First, who fakes his way through the day as best he can, for in his own mind he's just endlessly reliving his past lives. Rozy is more caretaker then wife, who drives for him, medicates him to lucidity needed for his matches, and takes care of day to day affairs. Muse doesn't exist in modern times, but rather First pretends she does, speaking in a different voice for her when 'they' talk. So odds are he'll become skitzophrenic soon enough.

Impulse- Billy Ferraro has misfortune strike Impulse early in his career. In his second match under the mask, Impulse is unmasked as Randall Knox. The fans and locker room turn against him and his fears of believing people would think he's getting special treatment become reality as nobody accepts his victories as genuine. He finally breaks and sarcastically declares himself "The Chosen One" Randall Knox. He hooks people without mercy, the AUW locker room tells horror stories of the rehabs for shredded knees and broken arms that Knox inflicts upon his foes.

Shawn Hart- Josh Levinson reveals a Shawn Hart isn't all fun and games. Hart is a backstage manipulator, a former of alliances, he plots and schemes to keep AUW under his control. He always makes good on his deals, but the price is never truly what his partners think it will be.

Fusenshoff- I try my hand at Fuse, and the event that scarred his life, the car accident that killed his sister, becomes the turning point of his life. Fuse wears a black armband to the ring in memory of her and rails against the evils of alcohol, and how society accepts it as something to enjoy. He lashes at the 'drunk, stupid, and pathetic' in the crowds of AU. He cuts promos from roadsides where flowers and memorials have been laid out in memory of a person killed by a drunk driver.

Cameron Cruise- Gregg Gethard gives us a Cruise who's fresh into the sport and looking to make a name for himself. Cruise never becomes jaded with a harsh and cruel sport, always looking towards each challenge as just another chance to prove himself in the field of battle. Combat is all Cruise cares about, the struggle of fighting another man until one of you is the winner is his driving force.

Felix Red- Paul Miller shows us a Felix Red at the end of his rope. The drugs, the sex, the violence barely register a tickle to Felix at this point. Half the AUW roster thinks he's going to try to kill somebody and himself in the ring in one last blaze of glory. Felix fosters this belief in them as a way to keep everyone on guard, and there always does seem to be the possibility that maybe he's not as used up as he appears.

And the list goes on and on. I'm sure this would be a crazy as hell league, where half the people would love how the new spins on their characters and the other half would quit in disgust. I know I'd enjoy it, well as long as Doc didn't become a fan for some band like Creed or something.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Reality Check

This isn't about Cameron Cruise and his finisher, but rather about people who decide to do just absurd things in their Rp's...

Brunk sent me a link to an Rp against an opponent he was fighting in some non-FWC league, and the guy had a promo where his character blew off Meagan Fox. Sorry baby, love you, not in love with you...I don't know if this was done to establish his character as being really amazingly 'big time' or something, but well...It's just absurd...

The biggest star in wrestling today is John Cena...And if he was lucky he'd be able to get on camera with Meagan Fox on his best day, much less be able to do a promo with her where she was willing to have him tell her 'thanks but no thanks'

So ease up on the insanity...You're not A-List in Hollywood...Hell I always feel lame if I have Doc Silver run into Shirley Manson...